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One, Two, What Can I Do? Dance and Music for the Whole Day

Featured book: Listed as a Featured Book on the Parentbooks website in the category of Early Childhood Preschool Activities & Curriculum

Midwest Book Review (Oregon, WI USA):

One, Two, What Can I Do?: Dance and Music for the Whole Day (Spiral-bound)

One, Two, What Can I Do is for any early childhood education teacher interested in developing movement and dance activities for kids. It offers a spiral bound workbook packed with movement activities based on early childhood curriculum themes, and provides ideas for dance and music presentations for families and friends. No previous dance experience is needed to teach these age-appropriate movements, which come with step-by-step directions and keys to help readers guide kids. Two DVDs with music complete the package.

5.0 out of 5 stars A Must Buy! By Amazon Customer on September 14, 2016

Format: Spiral-bound

I worked at a very challenging daycare, and I used One, Two, What Can I do each and every day. I had never worked with four and five year olds, and this book saved my life. I used all of the creative movement activities, the music, and the stories. Connie Bergstein Dow took her time and organized this book thematically which is also a huge plus. I, not only used the book myself, I gave it as gifts to many preschool and kindergarten teachers.

Amazon: Great Resource For Music and Movement Time, August 10, 2011, Review by Shirley Rempel


I am so excited to let you know about a fantastic resource from my friends at Redleaf Press. If you are an Early Childhood Educator, Family Child Care Provider, Homeschooler or Early Elementary Teacher you will love this book, to complement your music and movement programs.

Complete with a two CD set, featuring all the songs in the book, you will find some amazing activities that will have your children jumping and moving in no time flat. One, Two, What Can I Do? is set up into seven, color coded sections, each with at least ten activities.

1. Start The Day With Dance and Music (Purple)
2. Around The Circle (Light Blue)
3. Transitions - Going From Here To There (Light Green)
4. Group Movement Explorations (Red)
5. Locomotion - Large Motor Skill Activities (Dark Green)
6. Quiet Down and Say Good-bye (Dark Blue)
7. Dance and Music Presentation Jump-Starts (Orange)

My favorite section was Group Movement Explorations as it incorporates four learning areas - language and literacy; numbers, shapes and patterns; science and social studies. The book is LOADED with fun and easy to implement activities for all children. Each activity is two pages long and gives you all the details you need to get your children moving and having fun! Each activity also gives you ideas for modification, perfect if you have children with special needs or a mixed age group. The songs on the two CD's are super cute, very catchy and easy to learn, especially because you can go here, and find a download of the lyrics!

Again, if you work with children ages 3-6, and are looking for a fun resource to add to your music and movement curriculum, I highly recommend One, Two, What Can I Do? by Connie Bergstein Dow!"

Super Resource for Preschool Educators!
By Lynn Slaughter on November 16, 2013

Format: Spiral-bound

Children have such a natural love of movement! Yet in my work as a dance educator, I often found teachers reluctant to integrate movement activities into their classrooms because they felt they had no dance experience themselves. Thanks to this marvelous book, this won’t be a problem—even for those of us who are sure we have “two left feet”! One, Two, What Can I Do? by Connie Bergstein Dow includes teacher-friendly, no experience necessary, step-by-step directions to more than 100 movement activities and includes CD’s with charming music by Debbie Clement. Activities are designed to be integrated into the day’s rituals (starting the day, circle time, transitions, quiet time and saying goodbye) as well as to teach about language, numbers, shapes, and patterns, science, and social studies. There are also a host of lessons to help young children develop their large motor skills. I can’t recommend this book highly enough!