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TapRapMoveGroove-Cover--Updated-May--2023-copy.jpgJust released!






TAP AND RAP, MOVE AND GROOVE is a Bronze Medalist in the 2023 Moonbeam Children's Book Awards!

It's here! A raucous romp of mismatched creatures and dance styles through the ages.  For all children and creatures who love to dance!

Published by Young Dragons Press, with whimsical illustrations by K.M. Brown




Young Dragons Press



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From A to Z with Energy!



From A to Z with Energy!, beautifully illustrated by Gareth Llewhellin, is a rhythmic ode to an action-packed day in a young child’s life, with a lively, diverse cast. It is filled with movement ideas which will inspire children to use their imaginations as they hop, gallop, twirl, and try lots of different activities and sports. The lilting verses set the tone for a playful day of movement and fun. 




"From A to Z with Energy! is a delightfully creative and thoroughly engaging MUST-HAVE experience for all very young children, their siblings, friends, parents, and teachers. Connie Dow, highly respected in the field of early childhood dance education, has produced another gem for her priceless collection of resources for early childhood education facilitators. The author's passion for her subject and her utmost respect for her young followers spring from the pages and will entice even the most reluctant to join in the dance!"--Anne Dunkin, Ph.D., author of Dancing in Your School: A Guide for Preschool and Elementary School Teachers




From A to Z with Energy won a 2022 Distinguished Favorites recognition, picture book category, in the 2022 NYC Big Book Awards! It is also Story Monster Approved, endorsed by National Autism Resources, and Kid Care Approved.



Buy book here!

  From A to Z with Energy!

One, Two, What Can I Do? Dance and Music for the Whole Day

BOOK: Creative dance is a great way to stimulate children’s minds and muscles. With more than one-hundred activities and two CD’s of music, One, Two, What Can I Do? Dance and Music for the Whole Day makes it easy to incorporate lively creative, and fun movement into your children’s day. (From back cover)

One, Two, What Can I Do?  Dance and Music for the Whole Day

Dance, Turn, Hop, Learn! Enriching Movement Activities for Preschoolers

BOOK:  This book encourages young children to learn the way they learn best – with their bodies! Classroom management tools, introductory lessons on teaching basic movement skills, directions for music and props are just some of the features that make this book an essential tool for incorporating movement into any educational setting.

Dance, Turn, Hop, Learn!  Enriching Movement Activities for Preschoolers

My verse Let's Dance appears in the January, 2022 issue of Cricket's babybug magazine



Young Children and Movement:  

The Power of Creative Dance

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Highlights Magazine Verses:


Highlights, "Octopus," October, 2020
Highlights High Five, "Splishy-Splashy Drops," April, 2020
Highlights High Five, "Animals 1,2,3,4" November, 2018
Highlights High Five, "Stand and Sit," November, 2016
Highlights High Five, "A-Dancing We Will Go," September, 2016
Highlights High Five, "Opposites", November, 2015
Highlights Hello "Fly Away," August, 2014
Highlights Hello "Little Birdie," June, 2014
Highlights High Five, "We Can . . ." An Action Rhyme December, 2013




The Power of Creative Dance

(Reprint with Supplements)



Dancing in the Streets?




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Dance, Pop Culture, and Community: A Tale of Two Flash Mobs



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Why Art is Important in Education


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