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Moving Is Learning!


Connie has been blogging since 2011. Her posts range from tips for teachers, the benefits of dance, playful class plans, to how to choose a creative dance class for your child, and much, much more! All of her posts are below, starting with the most recently-published ones.




Walking in the rain!


Stomping through mud puddles!




This blog post is a creative dance activity to welcome spring 

For ages 3-7

Time: 15-25 minutes



Dance about a spring shower!

 (Music suggestion: "When It's Showery," by David Jack; an upbeat instrumental; or any song about the spring season)


 Movement prompts: (Call out the prompts one by one, allowing enough time after each one for children to fully explore their movement ideas)


*Time to put on our raincoats and boots. Don't forget your rain hat!


*Let's go out and play in the rain. Make footprints in the mud. Stomp in the puddles.  Can you try to run between the raindrops? *Float in the sky like you are a big storm cloud. Change from shape to shape as you soar through the sky.


*Now imagine you are a raindrop. First, you are a light drop blowing in the wind. Now be a fat raindrop that plops to the ground and makes a big splash.


*Imagine you are a seed waiting in the ground.  The gentle shower helps you to open and begin to grow.  Slowly push up through the moist soil, and grow tall. What kind of plant are you?


*Shake all over like a doggie playing in the rain



(Music suggestion: "I Can Sing a Rainbow" -- various versions, or an upbeat instrumental selction)




*The storm is over! Let's paint a big rainbow! Grab your magic paint brush. Let's start with red, then orange. Paint your bright colors across the blue sky. What color comes next?  


*Now let's dance about the rainbow! Trace its shape in the air. Run under and around the rainbow. Can you try to jump over it? Can you hop over it? Leap over it? Climb up one side and slide down the other side.


*Now dance about all the different colors!  




(Music suggestion: "Mr. Sun," by Raffi, or a lively instrumental selection)


 *Think of all the things you like to do outside on a warm, sunny spring day. Now dance about your ideas! 


*To finish the dance about spring, make your body into the shape of a rainbow!

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