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Moving Is Learning!


Connie has been blogging since 2011. Her posts range from tips for teachers, the benefits of dance, playful class plans, to how to choose a creative dance class for your child, and much, much more! All of her posts are below, starting with the most recently-published ones.



Connie Leads a Thirty-Minute Romp Through the Alphabet!




I was invited by Kids & Company, of Toronto, Canada, to lead a thirty-minute video movement session for young children in May. Kids & Company requested a presentation that would get children up and moving while spending more time indoors during the Covid quarantine. 


I thought it would be fun to create a short activity for each letter of the alphabet. I devised 26 movement prompts that children and families can do together. This creative movement session will definitely use a lot of that great kid energy!



Watch the Video Here: DANCE THE ALPHABET! 



For more ideas about movement, the alphabet, and early literacy, check out my picture book


From A to Z with Energy! 26 Ways to Move and Play


Keep on Dancing, Everyone!



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Guest Blog Post for Redleaf Press: Video Call Dance Party: Dancing, Singing, and Learning Together!

Stay connected with family and friends with a virtual dance party! A guest blog post for Redleaf Press, in the time of Covid.  


Read Post Here

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Halloween movement ideas, a dance story, and a short Halloween story!

Read post here

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Dancing from STEM to STEAM to STREAM!

READ POST HERE: http://prekandksharing.blogspot.com/2018/07/dancing-from-stem-to-steam-to-stream.html

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Reinforcing Early Reading Skills with a Multi-Layered Dance Activity


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Reinforcing Number Sense and Counting with a Multi-Layered Dance Activity


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